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#2: The results are in.



June 30 · Issue #2 · View online

A digest on what is going on at Soverin, product updates and things to think about when it comes to digital privacy.
We are Soverin, the mailbox your email deserves.

Hello again. Over 900 people answered our Twitter poll. Find the results below. It shows how many of us don’t understand how ‘free’ email providers work. This digest shares examples of how companies use our data to invisibly steer our lives. A growing number of life decisions depend on this valuable commodity. If we only saw the value of our data, too.

5 Things to think about
1. Learn about the concerns of Mr. Tim Berners Lee. He is the creator of the web and looks to reinvent it.
2. This intimate data will decide if you get an apartment. Are living a 'normal life'? Then frankly, you have nothing to worry about...
3. Who owns your data when a company fails?Corporations, data brokers, and even criminals might buy their users’ personal information.
4. Snowden shares some confronting insights in a new interview with VICE. Watch the 'State of Surveillance' here.
5. Digitalisme for the Dutchies. Listen to this great podcast of interviews exploring digital rights. Do we need new values?
Worth a try
Your time spent online is money. Datawallet is an app to reclaim the profits made with your data.
What's cooking at Soverin
We are visualizing the elements of your identity. Help us complete this infographic. A map of what there is to know about you.
And the results
We reached out to readers of international quality media.
We reached out to readers of international quality media.
Get your own place on the web via Earn more months by inviting your friends. Give them the gift of privacy.
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