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#7: Explaining the obvious



February 2 · Issue #7 · View online

A digest on what is going on at Soverin, product updates and things to think about when it comes to digital privacy.
We are Soverin, the mailbox your email deserves.

Many long standing arguments about privacy are falling, and the good thing is that many people are waking up. We will continu to support that winning team. Building a simple solution with a positive voice. We’ll keep explaining the obvious. Here’s a fresh batch of things that made us think.

Say hello to our new website!
Say hello to our new website!
Worth a try
Infographic: How much is your personal data worth?
Tool: How Facebook learns about your offline life as well
Video: How the government is watching you. Even behind closed doors
Video: No science fiction here. Watch how china is changing your internet
Book: Design my privacy: 8 Principles for better privacy design
5 Things to think about
1. Watch why online tools like Facebook aren't free. A funny video, but dead serious.
2. Google just dodged a privacy lawsuit by scanning your emails a tiny bit slower
3. Not OK, Google. A look into their hardware future in your home.
4. Meet the real people, not machines, that decide on what can be posted on Facebook
5. Welcoming President Trump. EFF's Wired ad: Dear tech, delete your logs before it's too late
What's cooking at Soverin
Did I say we have a new website? You're more than welcome to take a look.
(Dutch) Luister naar onze bijdrage in de podcast 'Insert_User' van Bits of Freedom
(Dutch) Interview met WANT. "E-mailexpert legt uit waarom ‘gratis’ mail je meer kost dan je lief is"
Thank you @werner. We couldn't agree more.
"...we really need to beef up general education about Cybersecurity."
"...we really need to beef up general education about Cybersecurity."
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